Case Study #1 3d interior rendering services #Rubin Residence

Case Study #1 3d interior rendering services #Rubin Residence

Interior 3D rendering
1 month ago

This is one of our previous clients. Luis is a great interior designer and a conceptual digital artist with a background in architectural visualization and photography. So the client knew what we would ask to produce the 3D renderings.

He wanted to show different options for each space to his client. That means different moods and, thus, different mood boards. Moving around different furniture and fixtures into different settings to see which one the owner likes the most. So this is how he laid out the job description and direction for us-

Luis provided a bunch of photos of the existing property. A design mood board. And a couple of CAD files showing the plans and the elevations. Here is a screenshot from the mood board for the Master bed-

He made multiple mood boards for each space and named those as different options. Each option came with some variation of furniture pieces or a change of floor, ceiling, or wall color. So We had to produce numerous images. We had to make 3D models of the fixture and furniture pieces for all those images. Before merging the 3D furniture models into the scene, we rendered each 3D model against a white background to check the materials. Here are some examples-