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AVA Recliner Chair

There are two types of this recliner chair. you can change the type. Few colors available for Hand rest and rubbers. also you can Change the leather color. you can do all changes by clicking button or 3d model.


Leather color

Rubber color

Welcome to our Furniture Configurator page! This is a very good example of how a furniture configurator should look like. Hover your mouse pointer over the chair and try customizing it to see the the chair in all of its design and color variations.

This will give you an idea of how a 3D Furniture configurator can work for you furniture pieces too. You can allow your customer to play around with your piece and take decision more confidently.

As you can see It allows you to customize every aspect of your furniture. From the type of plastic to the color of the upholstery, the choice is all yours. You can even decide on the size and shape to ensure it fits perfectly in your space. Once your customer is happy with the design, all need is to hit 'order' and you'll start crafting his custom piece.

If you are looking for complete different and unique 3D furniture configurator than this one please feel free to contact us to explain your idea.