process image

We have a common procedure for typical projects in 7cgi. The process is explained bellow in stages-

  • Project information. To draw up a budget as tight as possible, we need some information about the project, drawings, sketches, reference photos, deliverables, delivery time etc. It is not necessary that the project is well defined and has all the info at the very begining. For architectural visualization projects we need drawings and reference photos in case of renovation. Its a plus if you have 3D model. For product visualizations we need as many reference photos as possible. However we are also trained to develop 3D model from just one photo and rough measurement. 
  • Beginning of the project. Once the quotation is accepted, and after payment of the retainer fee, we proceed to start the project. While the project is in progress we will update you on a daily basis.
  • Draft stage. For architectural renderings, once it is confirmed that the model is correct we will fix the view point with client. For this phase we will generate a large number of low-resolution images. This way the client can choose which points of views fit better to his needs.
  • Lighting and materials. Once the points of view are approved, we will advance for the materials finishes, lighting and creating the desired atmosphere for the images.
  • Previews. Applied materials and lighting, we proceed to make the render of the images in low resolution so that the client can make comments.
  • Final rendering. Once the low resolution images are approved we proceed to the rendering in higher resolution and some post-production adjustments. The images will be sent to the clients.
  • Delivery and Invoice. Once the final image has been accepted and ​​the final payment has been made, we send the final images in high resolution and without watermarks.