the founder
Abdullah came across 3D technology in 2008 and realized this is what he has been longing for. He started to pursue academic studies in 3D modeling and rendering. He started his professional career before completing his academic pursuit in 3D. 


2010-2012. During this period Abdullah was a full-time freelance 3D artist. One of his clients once said I wish I had tens of Abdullahs. He found inspiration to build a team with the same ethics, goals, and ambitions. 

2015. After working on this dream for a few years Abdullah was finally successful in bringing forward a group of 3D artists who shortly excelled in many aspects. It's the 7CGI team. 

Apart from his specialized knowledge of 3D applications, Abdullah poses great industry-relevant general knowledge. This helps him in the decision-making process, finding the most efficient way to move forward with each project,  and guiding the team toward a better future.

He talks about establishing love and care for each other in the team. Abdullah believes that he works to make the life of his clients easier, for a better life for the team members and for himself.  He is careful about the team members maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Abdullah loves to play badminton. He loves to spend time with friends and family. He is a father to three children. 

Please feel free to connect through LinkedIn or drop him an email at Abdullah will revert back with a greeting.