Caboolture River Road

This is a small property in Caboolture River Road, Rocksberg QLD, Australia. Its unbuilt. After having a conversation with our client we were told that the design material for interior is not very specific. It just need to go with the trend. So we had to prepare the interior furniture and finish board and go with that. 

Caboolture River Road Interior

We came into the final image after couple of revision rounds. The interior image was rendered in 5K resolution.

Caboolture River Road Exterior view1

Our client here is the architect. They were more keen to match the color board than acheiving photorealism. In order to stay in line with the purpose of this project we decided to go with a clean and fresh look.

Caboolture River Road Exterior view 2

We did not quite like the electric pole on this image but we had to agree with the client.