3D product configurator

A 3D product configurator also known as 3d product customizer allows customers to create their own custom products by choosing from a range of options and features. This 3D technology is becoming increasingly popular, as it gives customers a sense of control and allows them to create products that are unique to them. Inside a 3D product configurator you can allow your visitors to custmize anything about the product. You may choose one that is suitable for your business. Some of the features you may want to consider include, the range of customization options available for color, product parts, and details. Depending of the nature of the product you may want to engage the customers heavily with the product variations and details.

AVA Recliner Chair

There are two types of this recliner chair. you can change the type. Few colors available for Hand rest and rubbers. also you can Change the leather color. you can do all changes by clicking button or 3d model.


Leather color

Rubber color

3D product configurators are a great way to increase customer engagement and create unique products that meet the customer's needs. Our team of 3D artists at 7cgi can build your product configurator from scratch to the web integration. In this Demo the chair 3D model configurator demonstrates two different designs and various colors for the arm and body. This 3D model is a visualization of a Nemschoff recliner chair.

product configurator