Product Visualization

7cgi is setting the narratives and challenging the status quo in the 3D product rendering industry. We are a 3D visualization team helping premium brands leverage the world of 3d product renderings, virtual photography, and interactive digital experiences. We offer all-in-one-place solutions for forward-thinking visual merchandising. Transforming your photography process towards CGI with us will help you to stay up to date with the state-of-the-art technology and thus you can replace your traditional photos with 3D renders. This will let you avoid location renting, tough logistics, and high organizational effort. Our 3d product rendering services include-

Product Silo Images

Create the perfect lifelike digital representations of your products and start producing stunning visual content faster and at a much lower cost. We have developed certain practices and automation in the field of 3d product rendering that made us efficient and best in class at the same time. The skilled team of 3D artists is capable of producing images that look more appealing than photos taken by digital cameras.

Product Silo Images
life style images

Lifestyle Images

Are also called “Mood images” or “in Situ” images.These images are intended to inspire. As you have a photo realistic 3D model of your product, now its ready to put on any creative background. A background for product can be anything that suits your need. If you sell a juicer you need a great kitchen or similar 3D virtual environment to put your 3D model in. These 3D product images show your product in the right context to make it stand out and attract positive attention.

3D product configurator

A 3D product configurator also known as 3d product customizer allows customers to create their own custom products by choosing from a range of options and features. This 3D technology is becoming increasingly popular, as it gives customers a sense of control and allows them to create products that are unique to them. Inside a 3D product configurator you can allow your visitors to custmize anything about the product. You may choose one that is suitable for your business. Some of the features you may want to consider include, the range of customization options available for color, product parts, and details. Depending of the nature of the product you may want to engage the customers heavily with the product variations and details.

3d product configurator

360° Rotating video or spinner

Augmented reality (AR) is being more popular now days over the 360° Rotating video. However, It is still a good option if you want to acheive photorealism in lighting and shading. It requires a number of images from around the product to create the spinning video of the product. Below is a outdoor firepit 3D rendering. Turn on the burning sound of the wood logs. The hyper realistic fire simulation adds value to the viewing experience. Once you already have a great rendered 3d model of your product the 360° Product rotation can be produced for a nominal cost. Drop us a message if you are after 360 product rotation service for your product.

Why 3D for your product:

1. The flexibility. 3d modeling and rendering are nowadays vastly used over photography and in many cases, along with photography. One of the most important reasons is probably flexibility. No physical photo studio or location renting is required. Having an excellent 3D model of your product means you don't need to manufacture all the colors before you sell. Produce thousands of variations from color to features. 3D product modeling made it simple.

2. Consistency. Unlike a real product photography studio, 3D product renders has more consistency in quality, positioning, lighting, color, and viewing angles. Which will make your Product catalog look more professional than how it would look with old-school studio photography.

vr games

3. Cost-effectiveness. There is a narrative that suggests that 3D rendering is expensive. Well, in some cases, it probably is. However, in the field of Product visualization, it's unimaginably cost-effective. For example, 3d modeling furniture pieces take less time than simply taking the pieces under studio lighting, which needs a bit of post-production work later on.

4. Great marketing content. With the help of 3D product modeling and rendering, you can create a variety of marketing content for your business.

Why Us?

1. Full of resources. 7CGI team has its "library of background" for products, i.e., lifestyle scenes. Inhouse tool to optimize the working procedure. Numerous render nodes. With 7CGI 3D visualization and virtual photography are effortless.

2. Faster delivery. 7CGI is a medium-large team of 3D artists. The team is cross-functional. So, no sick leave excuse. No delay in delivery. Our combined efforts make 3d product renderings much faster than usual. We offer 24 hours delivery for any 3D furniture and fixture products.

3. Flexible changes and revision rounds. 7CGI offers unlimited revision rounds. No questions asked.

4. Smooth production workflow. Through the last decade, We have developed certain practices and automation in the field of 3d product rendering that made us efficient and best in class at the same time.

5. Stunning 3D models just from photos and measurements. No drawing or blueprints. Our artists can produce excellent 3D models just from a single image.

6. Diverse Modeling skills. If you are a retailer selling a variety of products. We have a piece of good news for you. Our team is diversified with a variety of skills that you may possibly need. From Organic to Hard-surface, from hair clips to Luxury cars, 3D modeling & visualization.

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