Virtual Reality

We offer Virtual reality for architecture and real estate development. A unique virtual experience that achieves to place you in your future home and allows you to go around freely in Real Time. For the immersive experience, you need devices that support the technology.

Some of the popular devices in the market

The tool also allows the user to interact with the housing enabling any changes. Since by testing different finishing materials to different areas of the architecture, all that you can imagine becomes reality. Once the virtual space is built. We can produce the following types of marketing material out of it:

Walkthrough 360º. Display online 360º videos from PC, mobile or on the Cardboard VR or Samsung gear VR.

Walkthrough HD. The perfect tool for marketing purposes. 

Virtual tour. With Cardboard VR or Samsung Gear VR you can walk throughout, this technology provides a depth effect that gives greater realism.

The quality that we offer makes an entirely credible experience. You could enjoy this virtual reality experience either with immersive technology type Oculus Rift, Cardboard VR or Samsung Gear VR.