FF+E 3D Modeling | A Case Study

FF+E 3D Modeling | A Case Study

Case Study
11 months ago

FF+E 3D Modeling For Interior Design | A Case Study

About the case study:

The Client: A 3D Studio in NY
Project scope: 25 Furniture and Fixture
Complexity: Simple
Deadline: 48 hours.

Initial communication

We are frequently tasked with outsourcing their furniture 3D modeling when they have an overflow of work. I received an email from the client requesting 25 furniture 3D models to be completed within two days. They have already modeled the spaces and will handle the rendering in-house. This was the extent of our communication.

Organizing The Project

The client sent a mood board that specified the furniture items they needed. We extracted all images from the PDF that our client provided, and we found the product pages online through Google image-based searching. Here is an example of a mood board the client provided below-

A Mood Board that specifying the furniture items they needed for furniture matching

A Mood Board that specifying the furniture items they needed for furniture matching

We organized the items in folders and in our project management app. We created the 3D models based on reference images and measurements and then applied Vray materials to the  Models. (The client uses 3DS Max 2022 and Vray 5.0)
Thanks to our large team of 3D Modeling artists. We finished the project way before our client could prepare their interior spaces for rendering. Let's see some of the 3D Models we produced for this project and compare the 3D models with their real-life counterparts.

3D sofa model (Right) prepared according to the original product (Left ) looks identical and photo-realistic

One can barely tell which one is the 3D Model and which one is the real photo.

Chandelier 3d model (right)  prepared based on original image (Left)

 All Tiny Details is recreated based on the reference image with natural imperfection so it resemblances the actual products.  

End of the Project

The Models were properly named, layered, and prepared for ease of use inside 3DS Max. The project did not require any revision round. Thanks to our robust QA Team. It's not just this project. We usually do not receive any revision requests from our clients for our 3D Furniture Modeling Services.

If you have any questions regarding this case study or want to know more detail about the project, please email abdullah@7cgi.com.

About the author

Abdullah Albaki, founder of 7CGI studio, sitting in a chair smiling .
I have been leading 7cgi Limited since 2015. 7cgi limited is a team of 3D artists with diverse skill sets. My role is to provide direct one-to-one creative guidance. We have developed certain practices and automation that made the production of 3D models and photo realistic renderings extremely efficient and cost effective. All of this happened under my leadership. I take pride in the success the team has achieved so far.