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Introduction to Real-Time Rendering

Real-time rendering is a process where images are rendered frame by frame rapidly to create photorealistic videos or animations. Each frame contains one image and is rendered quickly enough (in less than a second) to generate up to 60 fps + (frames per second). This helps to maintain a smooth viewing experience. 

We at 7CGI, provide real time rendering services in the field of architecture and consumer products. Products can be anything from furniture, home decor, electronics to jewelry.

Real Time Rendering in Architecture

Real time rendering in Architecture allows Virtual Walkthrough Tours for Real Estate Agents and their  potential buyers to explore properties from their own homes, providing them with a realistic view of the property without having to physically visit it.

Interior designer and Homeowner can also benefit from interior virtual tours if they plan for home renovation projects or redesign their living space.

Real Time Rendering in Product Digitization

Businesses can create interactive digital demonstrations of their products. This allows customers to explore the product's features, constructions, materials in a comprehensive and engaging manner. 

In our furniture rendering page we have an AR 3D Model that is also achieved through real time rendering. Furniture configurator is also a form of real time product customization app. 

Why Choose Real-Time Rendering?

The Speed and Interactivity of Real Time Rendering

Real-time rendering is named so because of its rendering speed. It is as fast as a user can interact, make changes to the space, and see the changes instantly without the need for waiting. 

Smooth Experience, Improved Communication

Real-time rendering offers an interactive and dynamic user experience. Your client would undoubtedly love a 3D walkthrough tour of the property, allowing them to explore every detail as if they were physically present.

This level of interactivity can significantly enhance your client's understanding and appreciation of the product or property. They can provide immediate feedback, leading to smoother transactions.

Excellent Marketing Material  

Seeing is believing! If You need to sell a property fast, or you want to introduce a new product, real time rendering videos and animations would help you to showcase top features, demonstrate how each of them work.  

High-quality videos are essentials for advertisement, presentations, social media marketing, crowd funding etc. 

Cost and Time Efficiency:  

Traditional methods of property visualization require physical models, renovation, hiring videographers and more efforts on post production. 

On the other hand, real time rendering allows for quick iterations and adjustments based on client preferences and it doesn’t require physical remodeling, interior decoration setup and associated cost with it. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding real-time rendering or if you would like to discuss your project, we are here to assist your business.

Please email at abdullah@7cgi.com or schedule a complimentary 15 mins discovery call with Abdullah.