When and Why You Should Avoid White Background Product Photography

When and Why You Should Avoid White Background Product Photography

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1 month ago

The market is saturated with small to large tools for white background product photography. It signals that white background product images are still popular for their isolated and clean appearance. 

In this blog, I will discuss cases where and why you should not use white background product photography. 

Stand Out With Your Style

So, you have hired a brand designer to create your own style. Then why would you not want to promote that style? Every cool product you sell should speak not only of its features but also of your brand. 

One advantage is that people can tell it's you just by looking at the product thumbnail. You stand out in the overly crowded market and establish your style in the hearts of people.

It can be through a creative-themed background or with a simple tone of color that is used in your branding.

Themed Background

(Maiden Home Product Catalog)

As you can see Maiden home product catalog talks about their brand as well. Visit Maiden Home to see how they establishes an eye pleasing earthy tone through their product catalog. I just love their style.

Tell a Story with Your Photos

You can try any creative background for your product. But be consistent with your background themes. 

(Shabby Apple Product Photos)

I did not like how Shabby Apple used various styles of backgrounds. They could have established a particular theme aligned with their style. But it's still better than white background photos, in my opinion.

Use lifestyle images to showcase your product instead of white background photos. Or at least use a natural background. It is more eye-pleasing than a white background.

Highlight Features and Benefits

Sometimes, a white background doesn't do justice to your product's special features. If you're selling something waterproof, show it in action with splashing water. If it's a pair of running shoes, why not photograph them on a running track? This way, you're not just showing the product; you're showcasing what makes it great.

Product features

Try to smell the flower in the image above. The brand is associating its product with that smell. If you love the smell of this flower and are looking for a face polish, they have you hooked.

Create Emotional Connections

Colors and environments can stir emotions. A white background is clean and simple, but it might not evoke feelings. By choosing a background that complements your product, you can create an emotional response. Warm colors can make a product feel cozy, while cool colors can give off a high-tech vibe.

When You Have Only A Few Products To Sell

Buying a great studio setup can cost a lot of money. There is no reason to spend on those tools if you have a low number of products. You can hire 3D Product Rendering Services at a much lower cost. Read this Jewelry Rendering case study to learn how Braverman Jewelry sends casually picked photos to 7CGI studio and gets great images.