8 Powerful Benefits of 3D Product Visualization You Must Know

8 Powerful Benefits of 3D Product Visualization You Must Know

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1 year ago

If you are new to "3D rendering" or "CGI," please read this concise article before moving ahead. CGI (computer-generated imagery) has become integral to many industries, including real estate, engineering, construction, architecture, consumer product brands, and product design. CGI plays a crucial role in attracting prospects by offering them an experience that enhances their perception of a product. This blog post will discuss why 3D product visualization services a must-have marketing tool for brands. 

Before we move into , We will explore the ways or forms of marketing material a brand can have with the help of 3D rendering technology along with the benefits of 3D product modelling and rendering. So that you can easily pickup the services your brand needs. The bullet points are-

  • Product Silo images
  • Lifestyle images
  • Product Configurator
  • 360° Rotating video.
  • Infographics or explainer animation.
  • Real-time 3D Product viewer.

We will explore these bullet points and see how these contents can work as robust marketing materials.

Product Silo images:

Product Silo images are Products on a white background. These are the perfect lifelike digital representations of your products.
Product Silo images are created based on photorealistic 3d models.

3d furniture rendering of a sofa in three colors

These images can present your products from any point of view or any material. It is fast, cost-effective, and, most of all, as beautiful as your best product photographs. Really! Or better. You can enrich your online digital and physical product catalogs with Jaw-dropping, neat, farm-fresh "Product Silo images" (where your product is isolated on a white background).

Lifestyle images:

A chair 3d rendering in ourdoor setup with table and a decorative plant on top

They are also called "Mood images" or "in Situ" images. These images are intended to inspire. They put your product in the proper context to make it stand out and attract positive attention. The prospects see your products in use in many different settings. 

It will relieve you from moving your products to different locations for photo shooting. And fortunately, you can have precisely the space/scenario you want to show your products. If you want to know more about lifestyle images please follow the it for 3D modeling and rendering.

Lifestyle CGI can work as better marketing content to make it easier for customers to imagine themselves using your products and making informed decisions. Good lifestyle 3D renderings can help create desire.

Product Configurator:

A 3D product configurator, also known as a 3d product customizer, This 3D technology is becoming increasingly popular. Inside a 3D product configurator, you can allow your visitors to customize anything about the product.

Do you want to allow your customers to design their products by themselves? To customize shape, Size, and Colors? Having a 3D Product Configurator is what you need. Inside a 3D product configurator, you can allow your visitors to customize anything about the product. You may choose one that is suitable for your business. Depending on the nature of the product, you can engage the customers heavily with the product variations and details.

360° Rotating video:

A 360-degree Rotating video is a good option if you want to achieve photorealism in lighting and shading. It requires several images from around the product to create the spinning video. Below is an outdoor firepit 3D rendering. Turn on the volume for the burning sound of the wood logs. Once you already have a great rendered 3d model of your product, the 360-degree Product rotation can be produced for a nominal cost.


3d product inforgraphics of a sofa by 7cgi

3D info-graphics are renderings that contain information along with a visual element that is enhanced using specialized software to focus on a particular detail of the products and explain it. Or to demonstrate different features. The following infographic explains the features of the sofa and its making. This image is from a project we worked on for Bush furniture.

Infographics or explainer animation is a great way to showcase and rave about the great making of your product. It offers the customers a sense of tranquility.

Real-time 3D Product viewer:

Real-time 3D models are a type of 3D model that does not require traditional rendering methods, where customers interact with the 3D model, like orbiting around, changing colors and specific parts to see the product variation. 

Real-time 3D Product viewer is your option when you want your customer to orbit around the product or place the 3D model of your product on an augmented
 reality app. AR technology allows customers to put the product into their space, live! Where they can see how it is going to look once they place it there. What a nice thing to have. Thanks to 3D visualization technology. This augmented reality (AR) technology was unavailable in the market a few years ago.

Create incredible "consistent" product Silo imagery for your catalog:

3d rendering of a silo images of a sofa and sofa accessories

3D product modeling and rendering create marketing material that grabs your audience's attention and establishes your brand's presence more assertively in your field. Good 3D renders look more appealing than photos taken by professional cameras. With the 3D product renderings, the consistency in quality, positioning, lighting, color, and viewing angles will make your Product catalog look more professional than how it would look with old-school photography. 

Ease of production:

3D rendering services will let you skip location renting, challenging logistics, and high organizational effort. No studio setup is required. The CGI company needs photos and measurements from the inventory. And that's it. You don't need a physical product to create a 3D model of the product. Maneuvering

 studio setup is much easier inside a 3D application than in a real-life photo studio if necessary.

Blender 3d image Sunglass 3d rendering in a white backgroundBeauty cream bottle 3d rendering in a white backgroundBicycle 3d rendering in a white background

3D renderings are cost-effective and can be done quickly and in a short amount of time. From product development and advertising to marketing and exposure, CGI can improve creativity, reduce risk, and aid in making effective decisions. With the help of 3D visualization, you can create images and animations that would seem challenging to film with a digital camera. Whatever your product niche is you can leverage the blessings of 3D rendering technology. Its easy and straightforward.

Fast turnaround time:

Creating 3D images is much faster than traditional photography, Especially if you are equipped with the right tools and resources. For example, the practice of automation is in 7CGI's standard production pipeline. That saves us not hours but days. We have in-house render nodes to help us generate thousands of images in a much shorter time. We use our in-house scripts on a daily basis to streamline the Modeling and rendering procedure.

Attract More Clients :

3D rendering services can breathe life into your product, showcasing its features and capabilities. It is incredibly efficient, yet it offers the high quality and accuracy needed for making precise decisions in product marketing and advertising, as well as in brochures, catalogs, presentations, and website advertisements. 

3D product renderings can be used in your marketing to give potential buyers a sneak peek of your product, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition. A 3D render allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience by providing a richer experience and complete information about what you are selling.

Powerful visuals can convince people about your company and your products. These visuals allow you to present your project effectively to the market and help you gain a competitive edge over the competitors. Naturally, you can expect more traffic to your website by showcasing jaw-dropping 3D-rendered content. 

With the help of 3D technology, you can offer many different options, visuals, layouts, or configurations in a short time. You can put together a website that caters to your clientele in a way that would appeal to them quicker and easier than before.

Cost Effective: 

Producing 3D rendering for a product line is about 20 times more cost-effective than shooting real-life photos. 3D product visualization allows strategists to create a dynamic image of the product for a broader audience without breaking the bank on marketing. 

You can facilitate the manufacturing process by making a miniature 3D-printed model of your product. Have more control and avoid errors in the process and material waste. 

Sell your concept products before production in Advance:

You only need to manufacture just a single color, and with the help of CGI rendering, you can sell hundreds of color variations and check the market demand. You can even transform your idea into real-life-looking product imagery. You will have the flexibility. Your in-built product will look as if these are photos taken by high-end digital cameras. So that means you can even sell your ideas and check the current market demand. CGI also helps you get a Realistic Idea of How Products Will Look When Manufactured.

Adding 3D rendering imagery can add to your credential:

Today, 3D product rendering is becoming a must-have tool for many brands. In fact, some retailers are making it mandatory to have product images within a particular requirement. And with computer-generated images (CGI), it is much easier to adopt those requirements.

Having 3D-rendered imagery in your product catalog and online store can inspire people and create confidence in your brand. 3D product visualization will help to build trust with your customers and persuade them that you care about their needs.

Lifestyle CGI can work as better marketing content to make it easier for customers to imagine themselves using your products and making informed decisions. Good lifestyle 3D renderings can help create desire. In this age of competition, if you want your brand to stand out, 3D rendering technology can help.

3d clay rendering and final rendering of tv table in a living room

Explore Creative Freedom to Experiment and Test Ideas:

With today's technology, there is a solution to getting any image or idea into the physical world without creating it. And this is made possible by using CGI 3D rendering and 3D Modeling. 3D product rendering allows designers to see how the product looks in natural form, making it easier to incorporate changes and modifications to the design

A wooden tray with a tablet and a glass placed on it, designed for use in a bathtub with spaces for a smartphone and tabletA wooden tray with a tablet designed for use in a bathtub with spaces for  decorative tree, a face towel and smartphoneA wooden tray with a tablet designed for use in a bathtub with spaces for a  soap, smartphone, tabletA wooden tray for use in a bathtub

By providing a realistic idea of how products will look when manufactured, 3D product rendering increases the likelihood that products will be successful.

Creative freedom is the key to experimentation and testing ideas. You can test design and color variations at a very nominal cost. 3D rendering technology allows you to try and experiment with designs before investing in costly production resources.

Get a Winning Edge to Your Businesses Against Competitors:

The requirement for 3D rendering and 3D Modeling has increased significantly in almost all industries. Especially in the Architectural, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain, and other industries. 3D product rendering and furniture modeling 3D services have become integral to developing the right marketing strategy. You can replace traditional photo shooting with 3D rendering. 3D rendering services have become increasingly more popular and effective marketing material because they eliminate the need for photography. Transforming your photography process towards CGI will help you stay up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology.

In today's business landscape, 3D rendering and 3D Modeling enables businesses to enhance their marketing techniques, without which it is never easy to communicate effectively with the target audience. Yet still, there are many Brands who are going with the traditional method of photo shooting. By replacing your photo shooting process with 3D rendering, you can easily have a winning edge over your competitors.

7CGI has been serving many consumer products and furniture brands Since its establishment. We have developed certain practices and automation that simultaneously made us efficient and the best in class. The skilled team can produce images that look more appealing than photos taken by digital cameras. With the premium 3D content created by the 7CGI team, you can grow big and set the standard in your industry. 

Our creative team has built unique virtual staging's settings to present products of premium brands. All in all, you are in good hands! If you are overwhelmed by the benefits of 3D visualization technology and are interested, please feel free to reach out. We are here to answer your questions.

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