Product Rendering Case Study | 3D Rendering for Wall Panel

Product Rendering Case Study | 3D Rendering for Wall Panel

Case Study
4 months ago

We teamed up with a client at 7CGI Limited who sells beautiful wall panels. Our goal was to make their product marketing shine with awesome 3D images. Let's dive into this project, look at the challenging parts, our fixes, and how our 3D Renderings helped their marketing plan. Throughout the post, I shared some of the renderings we produced for the client.


A wall panel company hired 7CGI Limited to make its marketing more exciting and showcase its products.

Image of a 3d render model of wall panel board with furnitures made by 7cgi for client digitalmarketing campaign


The primary challenge for the client was that they could not show off their products before the panels were installed somewhere. Some products did have samples to showcase, but those interiors were not up to the mark so that they could be presented in a portfolio. So, they had no choice but to contact a 3D Rendering company like 7CGI.

Image of a 3d render model of wall panel gold color board in bed room made by 7cgi for client digitalmarketing campaign


The solution is 3D Product Rendering services. We created lifelike representations of the wall panels with unparalleled detail and realism. The 7CGI team enthusiastically worked on the project. We produced images that created desire and made the audience want one for their Interior. The renderings helped present the aesthetic part of the wall panels.


  1. Understanding Client Preferences: We collaborated closely with the client to grasp their unique design elements, color schemes, and the essence they wanted to convey through the renderings.
  2. Creating 3D Models: The client provided CAD drawings they designed. The designs are simple. Hence, creating 3D models from the drawings was easy.
  3. Texture and Lighting: Since their panels contained no textures other than solid colors, we applied simple vray materials. The part that required expertise and creativity was lighting. We had to place the light in a way that helped showcase the details of the panels.
  4. Delivery: There were a couple of revision rounds from the client's side, during which we incorporated some points that the client wanted to have within the renderings. The final delivery was exactly what the client wanted.

Client's Feedback:

''We sent out the images for social media posts. The images are so realistic that someone from the team was asking where we got these installed''

Image of a 3d render model of wall panel board in bedroom  prepared by 7cgi for it's client digitalmarketing campaign


The collaboration between 7CGI Limited and our esteemed client is a testament to the power of 3D rendering in revolutionizing product marketing. By surpassing the limitations of traditional methods, we not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing them with a powerful tool to showcase their exceptional wall panels to the world.

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