How we transform your concept sketches into realistic product images | 7CGI

How we transform your concept sketches into realistic product images | 7CGI

Case Study
1 month ago


You've got a great idea. You've tried explaining it, but others don't quite get it. So, you grab a pencil and start drawing. The Concept sketch isn't pretty, but it's clearer than words. With the help of Creative 3D Product Rendering services you can take that awful sketch to amazing product images.

This case-study explores how 7CGI transformed a simple idea into a tangible product using 3d product rendering techniques. 

This client is a manufacturer that often introduces new products. This time, it was a pocket bag. 7CGI was hired to produce a few renderings out of the sketches provided by the client.

1. Communicating the Concept

We began collaborating with the client to understand the pocket bag's design. The bag likely has unique features and is meant for a certain group of people. They wanted their product to be affordable. So, it wasn't labeled as a luxury item. These aspects didn't affect our work. We focused on grasping the idea so we could create exactly what they needed.

Pocket bag concept sketch provided by the clientPocket bag concept sketch

Pocket bag concept inside sketch

2. Collecting reference images

We asked the client to provide some reference images. For example, we do not know how his zipper is going to look in real life. So the client has provided some reference images and we collected some ourselves that we felt necessary and we can take inspiration from.

reference images for the bag concept provided by the client to 7cgi team
Reference images

3. 3D Modeling & Rendering

We now know how each part should appear. The team at 7CGI quickly created a detailed 3D model of the pocket bag. We always aim to send drafts that are nearly complete, making it easier for our clients to give feedback.

Here's what we submitted in our first draft:
Pocket Bag Open 3d rendering Version View 01Pocket Bag Open 3d rendering Version View 02
Pocket Bag closed 3d rendering Version back View 01
Pocket bag 3d rendering front view_01

4. Revisions and Markup

The client has his product ready. However, he wants to change some design elements and make some adjustments. It looks like even though he drew the tufted cushioned back in three different sizes he actually intended all three areas to be in same size. Here is the markup we received from the client:

Client marked pocket areas to make it orange colorClient marked few areas to change into Orange color in revision round

5. The final rendering

After the client's input, we came up with a product that he liked.
Here are the final renderings:

Pocket Bag Open Version View 01 after adjusting with cleint revision