3D Product Rendering for Staircase Designs 7CGI Projects

3D Product Rendering for Staircase Designs 7CGI Projects

Case Study
3 weeks ago

The Client and The Project

First, let me introduce our client, Marretti International. They are headquartered in Italy and sell staircases internationally. It has been a couple of years we have been working together. They usually contact us upon receiving an order to visualize their design on their customer's house interior. But this time, the intent was different. They want to tag luxury to their name and target a different segment of customers. I loved how they planned it for various reasons. The quality they offer is beyond the standard level. They just needed to show it to the world.

7CGI's Take

Here, we joined in and provided our product rendering service to Marretti. From the outset, our team at 7CGI Limited worked closely with the client to understand their brand identity, target audience, and aspirations for the project. We planned each phase, ensuring a seamless execution from conception to delivery. The goal was to show off their beautiful staircases in some spaces where the viewers could relate luxury to the images they were viewing.
We figured out that to meet our client's needs best, we should focus on commercial interiors. This was our initial idea for our contact at Marretti.