What is Conceptual Rendering

What is Conceptual Rendering

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4 months ago

Understanding Conceptual Rendering: A Powerful Tool for Visual Communication

Conceptual renderings are called conceptual because these renderings are created to express concepts.

In the architecture and design industry, whether it is a house or a consumer product such as furniture or electronics, when you look at conceptual renderings, you need to keep in mind that the final product may not necessarily look exactly as in the renderings after construction. That means that you may need to consume the images with a pinch of salt while, at the same time, getting an idea of the final product. Nuances and fine technical accuracy are not taken into consideration while rendering a large concept. Throughout this post, I am going to share some conceptual renderings that were produced here at 7CGI.

     Small Office Concept 3D Rendering

Dining  Table Design concept rendering

    Proposed housing concept rendering