How Much Do 3D Modelers Make?

How Much Do 3D Modelers Make?

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10 months ago

Read this article If you want to know what 3D Modeling is. As we want to go straight to the point, we want to cover here in this article.

3D modeling artists are usually paid very well, and many options are available for those who choose this career path. And it is possible to become a 3D modeler without going to college or spending thousands of dollars on classes. Before going into this field, why people outsource furniture modeling and the benefits of outsourcing furniture modeling services.

If you were looking to break in as a 3D artist and landed in this article, then I would not recommend you decide based on the article's content. Instead of choosing 3D artistry as your profession to make money, focus more on the work itself to see if you would love to pursue it.

And if you are a project manager or from another profession. You can look at Glassdoor to know the average salary of a 3D artist and other details. The Glassdoor report is not as accurate and won't give you any idea about how the artists you work with should charge you. Most 3D modeling jobs require clients to pay for their work, not by hour or week, but by the model.

And that is fair because it's creative work, and some are relatively faster than others regardless of the location and language they speak. Being said that, someone from a 3rd world country who charges $15-$20 per hour in many cases may take the same time or less as someone in the USA who charges $70 per hour. So guess what 3 hours of furniture modeling services may cost $45-$60 in Asia and $210 in the USA.

To decide how much 3d modelers make, you must filter with the location first. However, not all 3D artists make the same money in a particular area. It will depend on the individual's experience in the industry. However, in most cases, the salary is not proportionate to their experience. Some people learn significantly faster than others. Some 3D modelers are also reluctant to adopt the latest tools, which makes them significantly slower. Two years experienced can outperform someone with eight years of experience who should have focused on their skill development.  

Also, 3D artists can work for architectural visualization firms, design firms, manufacturing companies, video game studios, and television and animation studios. Each of the niches has different standards of scale. So, after confirming the year of experience and location, the third question you will ask is, which industry does the 3D artist work in? You can look into the CGarchitect job section to get an idea of the salary range the industry offers to 3D artists working in the architectural visualization niche.

Summery is that you can guess the number based on the coexistence of the data of the job market of a particular location. However, you may not apply that to freelance 3D artists as that is inconsistent. They tend to charge much higher when there is enough on their plate.

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