A 3D Interior Rendering Project : Rubin Residence

A 3D Interior Rendering Project : Rubin Residence

Case Study
4 months ago

We have a passion for bringing ideas to life through top-notch architectural visualization services. We provide our services to real estate developers, architects, interior designers, and anyone with a vision they want to see in 3D. Our goal is to make high-quality, photo-realistic 3D modeling and rendering affordable and accessible to all.

Background of the Case Study

Lui is an accomplished interior designer and digital artist needed to present various design options to his client. He has a rich background in architectural visualization and photography and he knew exactly what he wanted from us: showcasing different atmospheres for each space within a property.

He wanted to show different options for each space to his client. That means different moods and, thus, different mood boards. Moving around different furniture and fixtures into different settings to see which one the owner likes the most.

Our Strategy: Collaboration and Creativity

First, Luis provided a bunch of photos of the existing property with a design mood board. He then provided a couple of CAD files showing the plans and the elevations. Here is a screenshot from the mood board for the Master beds.

mood boards for interior rendering services provided by the client to 7cgi 3d rendering team

He made multiple mood boards for each spaces and named those as different options. Each option came with some variation of furniture pieces or a change of floor, ceiling, or wall color.

From there, we crafted numerous 3D models of furniture and fixtures, ensuring each piece was rendered perfectly before placing it into the scene. Although our focus was on speed, we maintained a high standard of quality to effectively communicate the designs to the property owner. Before merging the 3D furniture models into the scene, we rendered each 3D model against a white background to check the materials.

Here are some examples-

Sofa 3D models of furniture and fixtures prepared for interior rendering serviceSofa 3D models of furniture for interior rendering service

Teamwork and Communication

Our collaboration with Luis was seamless, thanks to our commitment to open communication and understanding client needs. We worked together effortlessly, proving that great teamwork can overcome any barrier.

'' We did excellent teamwork on this project - The intent of these images was not to sell the property or market it but to communicate the design to the owner. So, we prioritized speed over photo realism. ''
Here are some different options for each spaces -

interior rendering services - bedroomview with various setup

interior rendering services - bedroomview with various setup 2

interior rendering services - large living hall room with various setup

interior rendering services - large living hall room with various setup 2

interior rendering drawingroom with various sofa and table set view 1

interior rendering drawingroom with various sofa and table set view 1

Inspiring Results Through Partnership

We believe that working closely with Luis is key to achieving the best outcomes. Since the designer played around with colors and furniture, we needed smooth back-and-forth communication. Luis’ native language is not English, yet he was great at it, and with our experience handling clients from all over the globe, the communication flowed like a stream of water. It's not just about the final product; it's about the journey we take with our clients to get there.

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