A Project With G&G | A Furniture Brand In The UK

A Project With G&G | A Furniture Brand In The UK

Case Study
1 month ago
A representative from Graham & Green (A Furniture brand in the Uk) emailed us to inquire about our services for furniture brands. It appeared that the person was well-informed about the details of these types of projects. Instead of asking for a quote, she proposed a budget for the entire project. I looked at the projected details and was impressed. They have everything ready to kick off the project; they know what they want. In fact, they had a marketing campaign planned for a particular date and asked us to ensure that complying with their deadline was mandatory.

We replied positively after studying the project and its requirements. They need 1,700 images, all in 8K, within one and a half months.
We signed the project. The client wanted to send physical samples for all of their 54 fabrics. We informed them that it's not necessary to physically see and touch the fabrics for the purpose of 3D rendering. However, the founder insisted that we have them while we create swatches for rendering the furniture pieces.

Snapshot of fabric swatches prepared to create materials for rendering

An example of reference materials for various products

Reference images for cushion type and positioning.

The images above indicate the types of resources we received from the client: reference images of the products, sometimes with drawings and dimensions, sometimes just the dimension information; reference images for the cushion type of each model and their positioning.
A detailed sheet mentions the product name, its variations, and their respective fabric information.
We started with a product that they sell in all the fabrics they provide. We then created the 3D model and rendered it in a pre-built studio setup, modifying that studio setup to the client's taste. Here is how it went from one phase to the next-

So, we received some revisions from the client about the slightly tilted camera angle. Which Applied to final renderings.