• Furniture Rendering Services for Brands

    7CGI is a team of rendering artists who specialize in crafting detailed 3D furniture models. We employ sophisticated software and techniques for 3D Product modeling. Our services include 3D product rendering from scratch, converting 2D drawings into 3D, and creating 3D models from photos or measurements.

    Our services enhance the visuals and marketing of furniture items. Reach out to us to learn more about our furniture product renderings and how we can effectively showcase your furniture products.
  • Increase Your Sales with 3D Product Visualization Services

    7CGI is a leading 3D rendering company that offers state-of-the-art product renderings to businesses of all sizes. Our team of highly skilled 3D artists has years of experience creating digital renderings of consumer products using the latest software and techniques. Our services include product modeling and product renderings, including product animations that bring your products to life and engage potential customers. We understand the client's needs and work closely with them to ensure the final product meets their expectations. Our photorealistic CGI renderings include white background product visualization, 3D infographics, and 3D configurators that communicate complex information in a visually appealing way. Our team is highly trained, experienced, and committed to creating high-quality photorealistic renderings that our clients can be proud of.
  • Premium 3D Jewelry Rendering Services at Reasonable Price

    7CGI is a premier 3D visualization company providing world-class 3d product rendering services to luxury jewelry brands worldwide. We specialize in photorealistic jewelry rendering and use cutting-edge technology to produce stunning 3D visuals that create desire. Our work experience with many brands allowed us to gain knowledge particular to the jewelry industry. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, and we understand the importance of 3D visualization in today's market. Our rendering artist team creates photorealistic renderings that showcase unique features and details of the product, providing clients with an accurate representation of their designs.
  • 3D Configurators for Real Estate & Product Brands | 7CGI

    3D configurators are a technology that allows customers to customize products in real-time. They enhance the shopping experience by providing interactive, dynamic representations of the final product. This tool empowers customers to design unique items, increasing satisfaction and offering valuable insights for businesses.

  • 3D Infographics to Showcase Your Product's Awesome Design

    7CGI specializes in designing captivating 3D infographics that leave a lasting impact. We collaborate with clients to comprehend their requirements, delivering tailor-made solutions that communicate their message effectively. Share your message with us, and we'll transform it into a stunning 3D infographic. Be it showcasing a product, illustrating a building design, or presenting a concept, 7CGI has the expertise to assist. We are committed to quality and client satisfaction.

7CGI 3D Product Rendering Services for Brands

Are you new to the term "Product Rendering"? No worries! We will provide a straightforward explanation of photorealistic 3D product rendering and its applications. We'll also give you an insight into the process and how we handle it at 7CGI. Keep reading as we dive into the world of 3D Product Visualization.

What is 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is the process of generating realistic digital images or animations of a product using 3D Applications such as 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and more. It involves creating a three-dimensional model of the product, applying textures, materials, and lighting for a lifelike appearance.

The rendered images showcase the product's design, features, and functionality, enabling potential customers to visualize it accurately. This technique is widely used in advertising, marketing, and product design, offering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and speed over traditional photography or prototyping methods.

Who is this 3D Visualization Service for?

Our 3d product rendering services are designed to help consumer brands, manufacturers, and designers showcase their products visually stunningly. This service is for you if-

  • You want to reduce costs associated with product photography.
  • You need to create interactive and immersive experiences for customers.
  • You are looking to improve your brand image by incorporating state of the art technologies.
  • You are looking for a professional product catalog or brochures. You want them on a white background.
  • If your products do not exist yet or are not yet available for photography, such as prototypes or future product releases.
  • You want to have a 3d product configurator on your website.
  • You want to use AR (augmented reality) technology for your customers to check how your products would fit and look in their homes.
  • You want to have product animations made for your products.
  • And to experiment with different product designs and colors without incurring the cost of physical prototypes.

3D Rendering for products has become an essential tool for companies looking to market and sell their products effectively in today's competitive landscape. Read this to learn the powerful benefits of 3D Product Rendering and why you should incorporate this 3D service in your pipeline.
The process of Creating Photorealistic 3D Product Renderings:


After the introduction, we will discuss the project scope, ask about your competitors, and talk about the budget, payment terms, and other essential aspects that we deem necessary.

Information Required:

We will ask for high-resolution photos that are enough to capture the details and all the features for 3D modeling furniture pieces for Jaw-dropping Product Visualization unless your product is still nonexistent. We will plan a logical naming structure for different styles and color variations.

Beginning of 3D Product Modelling:

Once we have all the information related to the project, we start working. Our 3d modeling artists begin with the 3D Modeling process. Once the 3d modeling artists finish the product modelling part, we send clay renderings to the client and make sure the client is happy with the shape and geometry.

Texturing Lighting and Rendering:

After approval of the product modeling part by the client, Our team of rendering artist move ahead with texturing in 3d (i.e., applying colors/patterns), lighting, and rendering. The aim is to produce 3d visualization that creates desire.

Creating Different Media:

After preparing 3D product renders, we now have our products on white background. We are now ready to create variations, 3d product animations, 3d product configurators, to put the product into different lifestyle settings, and many more.


Images from the rendering artist team may require final touch-ups and adjustments using software such as Photoshop to finalize the image or animation. This is often unnecessary these days as 3D rendering applications are capable of producing images that are 100% photorealistic.


We provide a link to all the required images and the source files* from our ftp if the files are large or in great quantity. We also use services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Why Choose 7CGI for Your Product Rendering Needs?

Transform Your Product Showcase with 7CGI's Advanced 3D Product Rendering Services

7CGI is one of the leaders in the product 3d rendering industry, offering premium brands state-of-the-art solutions in 3D Product Modeling & Rendering, virtual photography, and interactive digital experiences. Our comprehensive services are tailored to enhance your online visual merchandising while staying current with the latest technological advancements.

By choosing product renders over traditional photos, you can save on location rentals, logistics, and organizational efforts, making your marketing strategies more cost-effective and efficient.

Cutting-Edge Practices and Automation

At 7CGI, we have refined our practices and automation techniques in the realm of 3D product rendering to provide unparalleled service. Our offerings include the creation of photorealistic 3D models of your products, enabling you to produce breathtaking visual content at a faster rate and at a lower cost. Our team of experienced 3D artists excels in product visualization, crafting 3D renders that surpass traditional digital photographs' appeal.

Product Silo Images: A Pristine and Focused Visual Presentation

One of our distinctive offerings is "Product Silo Images" which feature 3D visualizations of your products isolated on a white background. This approach provides a clean, distraction-free view of your product, which is ideal for enriching your online and physical product catalogs and emphasizing its unique features and qualities.

Mood Images and In Situ Images: A Contextual and Inspirational Visualization

Our team at 7CGI also creates "Mood Images" or "In Situ" images, specifically designed to inspire and showcase your products within their intended context. These images enable customers to visualize how the product would appear in their homes or other real-life settings, providing a more immersive and engaging shopping experience.

Personalization Through 3D Product Configurator Service

In addition to 3D product renders, we proudly offer making 3D product configurators, also known as 3D product customizers. This cutting-edge technology empowers customers to create their own personalized products by selecting from a wide range of options and features.

As this feature continues to gain popularity, it provides customers with a sense of control and allows them to craft unique products tailored to their preferences. Our team of 3D artists can develop your product configurator from the ground up and seamlessly integrate it into your website.

All-Inclusive 3D Product Rendering Services for Diverse Consumer Brands

At 7CGI, our expertise spans across various consumer brands, regardless of the product category. Whether you require jewelry rendering, product concept renderings, 3D modeling of furniture, toys, appliances, devices, fixtures, or any other form of 3d product visualization for consumer goods, our team is equipped to help.

We have numerous satisfied clients who sell their products on Amazon and through their own online stores. As one of the leading 3D photorealistic product rendering companies offering CGI product photography, we are well-prepared to elevate your brand's visual appeal.

Expansive Array of Services for Comprehensive 3D Solutions

Our commitment to providing comprehensive 3D solutions extends beyond product CGI. We also offer a diverse range of supplementary services, such as product animations, explainer videos, 3D infographics, and additional 3D modeling services. With our extensive array of 3D solutions, 7CGI can be your one-stop destination for all your product 3d rendering services.

Exceptional Customer Support and Collaboration

At 7CGI, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support and maintaining strong collaboration with our clients. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop long-term working relationships.